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The Turn of the Feather


To begin:

It has been many magical weeks at school. Since returning from NYC, I am ever more aware of the flow, energy and just awesome growth that is happening in ALCs everywhere.

This month has felt like an explosion of colorful feathers. Every day ideas jump out of us, and sometimes it’s messy like this ink project:



And at other times no clean up necessary like a good ol’game of soccer.


Or Geoguessr…

#ALCNYCscoredawesometodayMosaicnotourfinest #goodgame



And we mastering how all these get scheduled:

…Unfortunately I cut the video just before @superleaf08 delved into a ninja-lunge.

And sometimes we do things that don’t get scheduled: @alonalearning, @sassygirl26@dinospumoni



And sometimes we do unscheduled things to make money.




When the year started I found a feather on the ground. About a month ago we started to  pass one around at the beginning and end of our day. I now realize that they represent our light-heartedness, strength and creativity.

And the ability of our imaginations to soar the limitless.




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