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The Story of Little Robin (abridged)

Litte Robin says “I can fly…watch me.”

The Great Elder Birds look at Robin with the knowing that it is not yet her time.

Little Robin does not like the look in the Elder Birds’ eyes and becomes defiant.

“I can fly, I will fly, let me show you.” But in her attempt to fly before she is ready Little Robin injurs herself, and now it will be longer until she is able to fly.

The Elder Birds watched and allowed Robin to find her harm, for they knew it was not their time to speak and Little Robin does not yet know how to listen.

Little Robin is embarassed and angry at the Elder Birds for watching her fall.

“Now I am hurt and embarassed.” Little Robin says from her injured place, and cannot look at the Elder Brids because of her own shame.

She turns her back to them to hide from their eyes and say “I don’t need you, you let me fall.” And in turning her back their gaze became stone.

Little Robin stays a long time with her back turned, yet the Elder Birds continue to look upon her with Love and Great Knowing.

One day Little Robin turned around…she is able to face the Elder Birds again.

“I am sorry Elder Birds, I dishonored you by turning my back…I was ashamed of myself and what I saw of myself in your gaze. I am ready to face you again and I will only fly when I see the journey in your eyes.”

So Little Robin waited and healed at the feet of the Elder Birds until one day she suddenly looked up, saw the journey in the Elder Birds’ eyes and flew off… following their gaze into the rising sun.

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